This is the original team that developed and continues to work on The Muslim Tribune ( through many various ways ranging from the design and art work, to content, photography, research, and webmastering. And we expect this team to expand and grow as we go to become the largest online media platform for Muslims worldwide.

Maha Youssuf
Founder and Managing Director
An independent Egyptian writer and Online Media specialist who’s been operating in the field for 12 years, and currently works as Media Consultant for Dar al Ifta al Misriyah, the Egyptian House of Edict. Maha, presently enrolled at the Higher institution for Islamic Studies and Preaching, has been actively involved in cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue for a good number of years. She has authored researches on Online and Social Media, and has hundreds of published works covering a variety of fields, primarily related to Islam, spirituality and Middle Eastern culture.

Dina elMaghraby 
Of Egyptian origin, Dina has just finished her university studies, majoring in English Literature, to shift her scope of Academia to Islamic Research, enrolling at the Higher Institute for Islamic Studies in Foreign Languages to fulfill a deeply rooted interest in Islamic knowledge that sprouted as early as her childhood. Dina has long immersed herself in volunteer activities and philanthropy work, believing that “The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service”.

Reham Mounier
Creative  Artwork and Graphic Designer

From Engineering, Graphic designing, teaching, to fashion, hand crafts, charity, Philantropy and personal coaching, Reham, an Egyptian Architect currently doing a master degree in Islamic Sciences, has established herself as a unique talent blossoming many arrays of skills, all demonstrating a superlative taste. Reham enjoys superb genius in graphic designing, a field she started pursuing aggressively in recent years. She’s been a member of Microsoft Research team, as well as the first Architecture and Urban Planning Conference. She volunteered in a variety of philanthropic projects, themselves representing a wide range of specialty and capacities.

Dr. Spahic Omer 
Scholar and Contributing Writer
Dr. Spahic Omer, a Bosnian currently residing in Malaysia, is an Associate Professor at the Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design, International Islamic University Malaysia. He studied in Bosnia, Egypt and Malaysia, and his research interests cover Islamic history, culture and civilization, as well as the history and philosophy of the Islamic built environment.

Dr. Faroooq Hassan  
Scholar and Contributing Writer
Ph.D. in Islamic Studies (Usul-ul-Fiqh),University of Karachi
Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and Ethical Behavior in Humanities Department- N.E.D. University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi.

Aaliyah Alam 
Contributing Writer
An ethnic Burmese Muslim. Coming from Media & Mass Communications background, Aaliyah dabbled with writing ever since she realized how much it amused her creating a play with words. Establishing the idea that writing could be a means to deliver Islam’s message of peace, Aaliyah ventured out to seek making writing an integral part of her studies and eventually her working career. She has interned as a Public Relations Associate, which endowed her with the understanding of technical writing and the workings of the media industry. Being raised in a melting pot of cultural infusions against the background of Islam, Aaliyah’s environment gave her much food for thought and she continues to learn.

Abeer Raafat
Contributing Photographer
Abeer is an Egyptian Architect, Working as a BIM Specialist, but Photography is her true passion, as well as Arabic calligraphy and Islamic Architecture. Considering herself as a beginner- Abeer’s Architectural experience has influenced her largely and developed her skills and perception in photography. Abeer is also engaged in volunteer and development projects, and one of my dreams is to visit Palestine.

Dina Awadallah 
Contributing Writer
Brought up in Egypt, and now residing in the United Kingdom, Dina has been working in the field of online media for a good number of years, during which she published several editorials mostly tackling Arab Culture and Middle East-related issues, among others. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administrationfrom, and currently carved a more specific niche in online media, that is Search Engine Optimization.

Athar Akram
Contributing Photographer
Athar Akram is an Indian amateure photographer currently residing in Norway. Athar started in June 2006 after he travelled to Palestine in June 2004 and Istanbul in October 2005 . When he came back with his pictures, his friends begged him to make the pictures public. They’d been reading about many of those places he’d taken pictures of, but they’d never been able to see with their own eyes.Athar bought and installed the Coppermine Photo Gallery to manage the pictures. Soon after this he also travelled to Pakistan. Athar loves travelleing and now loves photography as well. After he married in autumn 2006, he took his wifte to Morocco, Spain, Syria and Lebanon for their honeymoon. In July 2007 they went to Saudi Arabia for their first common Umrah.

Muhammad Taymour
Contributing Photographer
An Independent filmmaker, photographer, writer and Mechanical Engineer, Muhammed discovered his passion for photography in 2007, and later sharpened his skills through courses and self learning programs. Muhammad studied filmmaking and montage techniques. He advanced gradually in his career and made a short film beside few experimental videos through which he attempted to apply the techniques he had studied and make use of the experience he acquired.
Photography & filmmaking are his life time hobbies besides his original career as a mechanical engineer.

Haya Amiri
Contributing Writer
After her postgraduate degree in management, Haya, originally Pakistani, took part in the establishment of a massive educational project that seeks to spread awareness about Muslim contributions towards science and technology, and that through the span of three years. She is also a budding entrepreneur.

Mohammad Anany
Contributing Photographer
A Young medical student who’s extremely passionate about Photography. Mohammad’s works are far beyond amateur photography. And even though he hasn’t yet pursued photography as a profession, his talent has already surpassed his camera’s normal capabilities. Mohammad has a third passion that is poetry.

Yaseen Rocca
Contributing Writer
Yaseen was born in Finland for a Finnish mother and an Egyptian father, both with roots in other countries. He’s like a melting pot of several ethnicities and cultures, which affect his heritage and character. His favorite own quote is, ‘I am a Third Culture Kid; whoever you are, I am one of you.’ He did live more than half of his life as a global nomad, mainly in the Middle East, Europe, and USA. He worked as an actor, web designer, financial market analyst, and most recently, ventured into personal coaching and media realms.