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Stop calling fundamental and armed terrorist groups “Islamists” or “Islamic Groups”.  Do not affiliate or acquaint Islam with terrorism or fundamental thought. Islamic group is one thing and terrorist group is another. Be wise with your choice of words.. Terrorism has no religion!



Muhammad Abdullah - By:
In the name of Allah- The Beneficient - The Merciful: Say: He, Allah is One. Allah is He on whom all depend. He begets not nor is He Begotten. And none is like Him.-- Quran 112 Assalamu alikukum-- Alhamdulillah for this informative website-- Jazakom Allah Khairan. -- Taif'tul'Islam - PO Box 338- comptopn, CA 90223
Rasha Farouk - By:
Great site, great timing for articles about our spiritial Islam,, very inspiring...
L. Thomson
Interesting site. Good articles and amazing design. Hope you can bring some peace to our troubled world. Cheers. L. Thomson