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Stop calling fundamental and armed terrorist groups “Islamists” or “Islamic Groups”.  Do not affiliate or acquaint Islam with terrorism or fundamental thought. Islamic group is one thing and terrorist group is another. Be wise with your choice of words.. Terrorism has no religion!



Islam abounds with enlightening tips and advises guiding us to get fulfilled in this worldly life and to earn salvation in the Hereafter. Islam stipulates that success and fulfillment in this life is largely tied to fulfillment and salvation in the Other. So in order to attain the best of both worlds, we need to thoroughly study those timely advises Islam teaches us, and which form a trusted manual guiding us towards a fruitful experience now and ever after. Insteading of putting your full trust in imported man-made theories telling you how to succeed, get to learn what Islam teaches with this regards.


Confusion has become an essential part of modern day life, where nothing seems fixed anymore. You might not be the only one facing difficulties in your personal life, nor the best one to solve them all on your own. We all need help at some point in our lives. Consult us, we might be able to help. We don't provide religious edicts (Fatwas) but we certainly provide trusted insights and clues as to how to overcome challenges and face difficulties!


You don't have to be an acclaimed writer to get published. If you have profound understanding of Islam and unique writing skills you have a great chance to get published on The Muslim Tribune. First take the time to read carefully our Writers' Guidelines to increase your chance of getting your material accepted and published on our portal, which may as well undergo some editing and fine tuning by our team.